Quality Intelligence – Identify and Measure Business Benefits

Digital Transformation – or digitalization – is all about decision-making, business models, utilising technology in business, managing and measuring it.

In the Digital Age, value is created by knowledge workers in interaction with each other, customers and well selected partners. Methods and tools for measuring, controlling and improving knowledge work are needed.

What is the value of an IT project or system? The critical point to ensure your success is when you are making a decision on purchasing a new IT system. What is your business case? How do you measure, assure and improve the business benefits of your IT system throughout its life cycle.

Qentinel Quality Intelligence services provide real-time information about the business value of information systems. The services ensure that a given information system is a profitable investment.

Quality Intelligence Services

  • Business Case Management
  • Services and tools for CEOs, CIOs, CTOs and CFOs to see the value of information systems beyond costs or the lack of its quality.
  • Tools to measure and demonstrate the impact of information systems.
  • Technology and services to provide the right information for the decision-makers at the right time.

What is Quality Intelligence Hub?

Be part of Quality Intelligence Hub community to get ideas and tools to manage the fast-paced changes in business and technology. Are you a digital believer? Do you believe you can survive the digital disruption and seize its opportunities? We do! Find insights and best practices to manage your IT business cases and utilise data in decision-making. Share your questions, ideas, success stories or daily observations with the community.