Boiling Blogs in Quality Intelligence Hub Pub

This week's Quality Intelligence Hub blog post is bit different due to the holidays. We would like to introduce to you our Hub Pub event, which brings together people interested in the value of information systems. All these people are eager to find solutions to improve the value of IT, and the informal Hub Pub evening brings them together in person and creates new, controversial and revolutionary topics for further discussion in the Quality Intelligence Hub arena.

The first ever Hub Pub evening at the end November resulted in great connections and inspirational ideas. The guests didn’t quite know what the Pub hosts Mia Sinisalo and Aini Mylläri of Qentinel had planned for them before arriving to the event. Mia and Aini had worked out a programme including speed dates, origami works and improvisations theatre. The guest weren’t afraid of the odd set of tasks but quite the opposite, excited to meet new people and eager to exchange and elaborate on new ideas. 

The idea in the Quality Intelligence Hub Pub evenings is to eat well, have a few drinks and share ideas about intelligence in decision-making. The ideas will then be boiled down into blogs, which will be shared in the Quality Intelligence Hub website and newsletter in the weeks to come. The Pub evening resulted – fortunately no hangovers but – some truly great ideas. Here is a preview to them. 

Marianne Tenhula of Aalto University was a strong supporter of trials as a tool in decision-making and starting small. “It is important to start the development and try out. Try a new service, concept or product internally, with a trusted partner or a client. The trials are an invaluable opportunity to get feedback from and new insights to your project subject, which are valuable in developing and improving the trial project further. By getting feedback and information, you will get a better understanding of what the client really wants”. 

Immo Salo, the founder of big data company Ivorio created an impressive origami demonstrating a revolutionary idea.
“With the right kind of lever, a simple idea can have a huge impact on the whole society”.

Jaakko Pellosniemi, the serial entrepreneur influencing in Fingertip is a strong advocate for social decision-making. He shared an idea with the Pub team about passion in decision-making and explained it as follows. “The purpose of the decision subject, to yourself, your possibility to influence on it and the interaction with others related to it are the core formula for passion in decision-making. Simple”, smiles Jaakko.

Jaakko is working on a book on the subject, so more elaboration to follow on that simple sentence.

Qentinel’s Managing Director Esko Hannula’s evening inspiration was related to learning. “I think it is crucial, not only in work life and decision-making but all areas of life, to choose an active attitude of continuous learning.  This allows interaction, which results in continuous improvement and development. Most importantly, when we have engaged ourselves in the active attitude of continuous learning, we never have to be afraid to fail – it’s all just another learning experience!”

November's Hub Pub guests were: 
Immo Salo, CEO, Ivorio
Marianne Tenhula, Strategic emotionalist, Aalto University
Jaakko Pellosniemi, Founder, Fingertip
Team Qentinel: Marjo Sjöberg, Esko Hannula, Sauli Kosonen, Mia Sinisalo and Aini Mylläri

Big Seasons's Greetings hug from the Pub evening participants! Quality Intelligence Hub will be on holiday mode but you can still find us on Twitter at @HubQi.

We will continue to have Quality Intelligence Hub events throughout 2015. Here's a glimpse to our events during the spring 2015:

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  • 29 January 2015, Quality Intelligence Hub Lunch. Quality Intelligence Hub Lunch is  where experienced business and IT leaders are invited to discuss and share ideas of the current affairs in IT business.
  • 26 February 2015, Quality Intelligence Hub Lunch.
  • 25 March 2015, Quality Intelligence Hub Pub.
  • 16 April 2015, Quality Intelligence Hub Lunch
  • 27 May 2015, Quality Intelligence Hub Pub.