Escaping the Windowless Tower

Progress is often the outcome of anxiety or opportunity in the face of a relentless need to do something to make things better. The Quality Intelligence Hub was motivated by a desire for change coupled with available opportunities in the modern world.

What could we do differently?

Progress often requires us to transcend old limitations. Businesses and organisations can become windowless towers where nobody can see the way forward and there is little opportunity to appreciate how outsiders tackle similar challenges.

Qentinel’s role as an impartial guardian of client interests often allows us to see how people face up to business challenges, such as when it is worthwhile investing in something new, which system is preferable, how benefits can be measured, or whether there is any way to increase productivity.

Oscar Wilde famously observed that experience is merely the name that we give to our mistakes, and it has often occurred to me that some individual or team would benefit greatly from the experience of another client in a certain situation.

What if we could help others to be much more effective by sharing our own experiences?

A wealth of opportunities

Sharing experiences can also be a winning strategy. You never know what you might learn or what opportunities may be revealed.

I have always been inspired by the chances that come up in life. Where could I make a difference by sharing what I have experienced? Are the landing lights that guide us to success really such a huge business secret? Dialogue and an exchange of ideas can yield insights that enable organisations to save a great deal of time and money. Often the right conversations and keen exchanges of views can help us do better when we notice how others have successfully managed a situation by making wise choices. How can we learn from the experiences, and even from the mistakes made by others?

I am strongly impressed by the summary offered by Peter Drucker:

“Nobody learns except by making mistakes. The better a man is, the more mistakes he will make — for the more new things he will try. I would never promote a man into a top-level job who has not made mistakes, and big ones at that. Otherwise, he is sure to be mediocre. Worse still, not having made mistakes he will not have learned how to spot them early and how to correct them.”

The opportunities are all out there for those willing to see them.

You’ve always got to do something!

An idea gradually emerged of an encounter point that could make it easier to share experiences openly about ways of maximising the value and benefits of data systems.

A venue then occurred to me where people could drop in when faced with some decision, and maybe draw on the experiences of others to make a much wiser choice. Could I make a personal contribution to the success of others by using the Quality Intelligence Hub to build corridors between those windowless towers of the business world?

My vision is a community where we learn from one another’s experiences and mistakes. We enhance productivity by opening up those towers, finding a common language to link the worlds of business and IT, and benefiting from the experience and mistakes of others!

We have launched the Quality Intelligence Hub forum to support this grand project. Come and get involved!