People Aren´t Just Numbers

Long customer relationships produce a huge amount of data. That data creates great possibilities if you add human touch to it. With human touch I mean empathy.

How to produce high quality data that can help customers solve their problems and diminish their fears? The answer is to produce and refine the specific data together with your customers.

What? Involve your customers to your business development with various ways.

Why? Because people aren´t just numbers. The data gives you some answers but to produce superior services you need human touch. Empathy is the keyword.

How? When you have thousands of customers, you can´t obviously have a personal relationship with each one of them. So, here are some tips on how you could add empathy to your company’s mindset.

  1. Many companies have advisory boards but how many companies have customer advisory boards?
  2. Service design offers a various ways to involve customers to service development processes e.g. a Day in the life method includes a day with your customer and after the day you notice the good and the bad things they face every day.

When? You should remember your customers every day in every situations. Customers should be involved in every phase of a service development process.

Methods to improve customer experience together with your customers

Customer experience

To produce superior services you need to have the data and empathy in it. The quality of data is everything, not the amount of data. If you refine the data with your customers and use service design methods to do it you have a great chance to success.