The Customer Is Our Reason for Thinking About the Big Picture

Information systems are not inherently sources of value, nor do they alone provide the key to success. Value arises when we manage to integrate a data system into our business and operating models. The sign of a perfect data system is then that you don’t know it’s there.

I am in charge of the consumer business data and tools that we use at Sonera to obtain in-depth understanding of our customers. It is my job to enhance our campaign administration and analysis data to a standard that enables world-class analytics and optimally automated campaign management. We work in particularly close partnership with data analysts, campaign managers and IT.

The objective is to know our customers extremely well, and thereby ensure an individual service and a satisfied customer. Our public relations work should always show how our customers can make the best use of their time in line with the Sonera brand promise.

Objectives in the field of customer insight have become more ambitious, with technologies and methods playing a key role that enables us to do what we need to do, both now and in the future. My own contribution then strongly combines technology and business as we also seek to remain fully focused on the customer experience in the field of technology.

I feel on the whole that we should maintain our appreciation for the big picture, and not limit our use of tools to individual areas of our work. When reviewing new solutions for enhancing customer-specific recommendation, for example, it was taken for granted from the very outset that a wide range of people from various divisions of the organisation would be involved. Understanding how a system affects our business is crucial to a successful acquisition.

I am impressed by the Quality Intelligence approach, as it provides greater depth than a conventional method based on business case calculations. Quality Intelligence is a very clear way of getting to grips with the question of value generation by data systems. I also see prospects for applying Quality Intelligence in process development, and not simply for measuring the value of data systems.

The Quality Intelligence approach is new to me – and to everyone else at Sonera as far as I can tell. We currently feel that this method is quite unique.

I dream of a time when data systems are seamlessly integrated into our business processes and we can hear our users experience the wow factor: “This is really splendid – look what we can do now!” That would be highly gratifying.

Lauri Halkola, Group Manager, Data Management and Tools, Sonera