This is Not Based on Research

If this title makes you feel insecure, you’re not alone. Never before in history have we obsessed so much over science and research. We don’t believe anything that cannot be proven. Even our cosmetics come with “research” - promising 58% eyelash prolongation.

“Do your f****ing research!”
- No Flex Zone by Nicki Minaj -

My questions is, how is this widely absorbed academic mindset affecting human interaction?

I still remember the early university courses on research methodologies, where I learned that all writing should be based on research. I could make any outlandish claim, as long as I could back it up with studies – oh, the possibilities! Later on with applied sciences, I also discovered I could base a statement on real world activities, given that they were carried out according to a pre-approved systematic series of steps.

I often find myself distressed over this paradigm. I sense its accusing voice when I discuss a topic I don’t have a degree on. Often I even fail to do the second best and back myself up with Gartner, Forrester or a quick reference on Harvard Business. Oh, the shame.

Yet now, in the world of business, there is no time to look up research for everything I want to say. Even the methods are not carved in stone. There is no professor available to validate the steps I apply. The steps are merely taken, and maybe one day they become methods for the following generation.

But then again, research just doesn’t cover everything. Moreover, it might cut the flow. When the bar for source literature is raised too high, we miss out on conversation at its best: a journey to an exotic, unfamiliar mind; a new insight that could only be reached together.

What do you say - Could we shed ourselves of academia and start sharing our real thoughts again? Let us cut down on sharing ‘interesting’ research links or Paolo Coelho quotes and share our own? Real thoughts, opinions, questions or worries that are born today and here, not published in 2013 in the United States.

However, this is just my thought. It is not based on - well - research.