Tomorrow’s Companies in Finland Are Going to Surprise the World

We are making the history of tomorrow today. We can either create a boring history book or a bestseller, which is going to be a classic.

There are some key factors we need to add to our current recipe of success, and some we need to get rid of to make this come true.

Good is not the final target.

First of all we need to get rid of the word should. We have to do, not we should do. We don’t have problems, only solutions. We don’t have no but yes or maybe. We don’t have impossible, but possible.

The main positive factor is attitude to win. Then we need passion to make the dreams come true, love for what we do, and a little bit of luck.

The biggest obstacles in progress are the boards of directors where black-suited people (mostly old men) are buried and waiting for their retirement. These guys are making decisions about the future with limited understanding of the new ways of expanding, and marketing both their company and products or services.They are used to leading companies by watching the budget from their rear-view mirror. What they need to understand is that they are not running a museum – they have to run the success of the future.

The most important thing is you being on the right track…

The board of the decision-makers has to be a combination of old experience and young enthusiasm. Occasionally companies have a visit from some social media or IT consultants who mix their head with strange new words like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, quality management, SAFe, you name it. After this the board decides to continue as before or they might want to catch the wave and try every fashionable new trend without any deeper understanding of it. Not every new trend is for your company, nor should you change things, which don’t need a change.

Companies need to understand what they are doing, why they are doing it, and what part of their business needs changes.

Make sure that your service provider understands your business and that they are rowing the same boat as you are. At the end of the day the most important thing is not the lawyers making contract papers. The most important thing is you being on the right track by co-operating with others while everyone knows where and what the target is.

Not every new trend is for your company

IT sales people have to come closer to the world of the clients and talk the same language as ordinary people instead of being arrogant smart-asses. IT guy, remember that clients are the ones who are paying your salary.

As a consumer I don’t give a shit about how big your budget was, how long your project was or how fine code someone has written. I only care whether your product or service works, and how it benefits me.

Run the test during the project, not with the consumers!

Good is not the final target. It is the base line to start from. Excellent and the WOW effect are the final targets.

‘To Infinity and beyond’ – Buzz Lightyear, Toy Story