We Have Abandoned Old Ways and Boldly Embraced a New Approach

I am responsible for ensuring that our business is healthy and viable. We have growth potential with competitive products and services, and it’s my job to optimise our market position and partners, enhance our offering, and make sure that our sales staff enjoys their work. As a member of our augmented management team, I report on why our business figures are favourable or otherwise.

Our company operations were fundamentally restructured after our traditional business format outgrew its usefulness and the need to choose a new direction became clear.

I have been responsible for change, as we have abandoned old ways and boldly embraced a new approach and way of working based on a rapid response that brings us closer to the day-to-day lives of our customers.

The staff also expects me to consider their job satisfaction. New recruits must feel that they are an important part of a team and I want them to enjoy what they do, so I endeavour to serve primarily as a facilitator, because only a balanced team can come out on top.

While I expect to be judged on hard business performance figures and it is crucial to see them grow, I nevertheless rely on soft values, because you can never improve performance unless people are happy.

We have to stay close to our customers, as success depends crucially on appreciating their concerns. Administrative information systems must never be allowed to erode job satisfaction or take time away from important work at the customer interface, and whenever we evaluate or develop these systems I am always most concerned to ensure that they help us implement our strategic choices effectively.

We are only just beginning to reap the benefits of Quality Intelligence, and I foresee a time when evaluating information systems will help to eliminate surprises and provide the tools for business leaders to detect irregularities before they affect our key figures. Presently I still have to rely in part on tacit knowledge for guidance in making decisions, but my expectation is that information system evaluations will one day enable a more fact-based approach to management without the need for laborious fact-finding processes.

In any case we have now already made some progress in our strategic evolution and I am really proud of our team. That is a remarkably good feeling.

Sami Eerola, Business Director, Corenet Oy