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  1. Fortum Markets operates in the energy service business and customer experience is in the core of everything. So, how to quantify, measure and manage abstract business drivers such as the quality of services and customer experience? With smart data! But first the customers’ different paths and touch points within the organisation need to be identified.

    Timo Liiri
    by Timo Liiri
  2. Long customer relationships produce a huge amount of data. By utilising that data and combining it with a human touch, empathy, you can help your customers to solve their problems even better. To do this you should produce and refine the specific data together with your customers. The quality of data matters more than the amount of it.

    Laura Rinta-Jouppi
    by Laura Rinta-Jouppi
  3. There is an ongoing paradigm shift in the system integration arena. The customers get their application programming interfaces (API) from the software providers, especially from those who offer software as a service (SaaS) as a basic requirement. That is why there is an opening in the market for aggregators such as Flashnode. At the mome…

    Jussi Muurikainen
    by Jussi Muurikainen
  4. In its October 2013 list of ten strategic technology trends for next year, the American IT research and consultancy firm Gartner underlined the concept of smart machines by proclaiming that they herald the greatest revolution in the history of IT. This is quite some claim, but what does it mean? We have yet to come up with a universally…

    Immo Salo
    by Immo Salo