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  1. Fragile companies can't handle it and robust companies try to hang in, but in the end it is the Antifragile companies that gain from the disorder and adapt into market leaders as digital disruption shakes the scene. The reason why digital disruption hits so bad some companies is their data – the New Oil – that is not lubricating and fueling their business models.

    Janne Vihervuori
    by Janne Vihervuori
  2. I’ve seen a lot of steering groups. I work with many companies in different businesses, in most of the cases in a senior advisor role. The projects vary from ICT and process renewal to developing new services. Although the projects are very different from each other the decision-making in the steering groups has something in common: too few, too late, too seldom.

    Tapio Järvenpää
    by Tapio Järvenpää