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  1. Fortum Markets operates in the energy service business and customer experience is in the core of everything. So, how to quantify, measure and manage abstract business drivers such as the quality of services and customer experience? With smart data! But first the customers’ different paths and touch points within the organisation need to be identified.

    Timo Liiri
    by Timo Liiri
  2. As we all know, great customer experience occurs when the customer expectations are not only met, but exceeded. However, customer expectations are subjective from one individual to another, just as the exceeding factors are. This is what often makes offering great customer experience difficult. As a Finnish person, feelings are a difficu…

    Risto Kivisilta
    by Risto Kivisilta
  3. Any company can achieve good customer experience randomly but successful companies have well defined processes with identified touch points that create value for customers. Orchestration of customer experience also requires understanding the big picture – where process actually starts and where it ends. Online sales process, for instance…

    Miika Soininen
    by Miika Soininen
  4. There are multiple organisational layers in big companies. In many cases most of the people in the company are not in direct contact with the customers who are buying the products and services the company offers. However, the sales people, who work in the customer interface, understand and analyse the needs of your customers on a daily b…

    Taina Kovanen
    by Taina Kovanen
  5. The concept of quality we know today goes back all the way to the Industrial Revolution. If you have slept through your history lessons like me, here’s a little reminder: it was between 1760’ish and 1820’ish. That makes the quality concept over 200 years old. There are moments when ISO standards rule, but subjective opinions spread via soc…

    Jukka Niemelä
    by Jukka Niemelä
  6. We all want to be seen and heard, it is a basic human need. Really be seen and heard. But often this does not happen: we hide things, we expect unrealistic things from others, we assume, we have prejudice. When we look deep enough, we see fear of rejection if we show who we really are. True Nature Is a Competitive Advantage But actuall…

    Camilla Tuominen
    by Camilla Tuominen
  7. Nowadays there’s hardly an executive who isn’t preaching the virtues of customer experience to their organizations. You could say there is a sort of hype around the topic. As Gartner surveyed , soon 89 % of companies will aim to compete primarily based on customer experience. Despite all the fuss a great experience remains to be an elusive…

    Toni Paloheimo
    by Toni Paloheimo