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  1. Customers do not pay for your organization, nor are they interested in it. In spite of this a company's offering is driven by its internal dynamics in many cases. One of the major challenges is to recognize the internal dynamics and fight actively against them. This is particularly important in digital service offering as launching a new s…

    Niko Mikkola
    by Niko Mikkola
  2. With digitalisation affecting all walks of life from work, to banking, to healthcare, to travel, to media and so on, is it that the ‘Homo Sapiens’ has found its master and our thinking will be substituted by even smarter digital systems and networks? Or is it rather that the ‘Homo Faber’ , as portrayed my Max Frisch, is developing even mor…

    Miika Kuoppamäki
    by Miika Kuoppamäki
  3. In the age of digitalization, Smart Machines, Internet of Things and eCommerce, we quote books maybe more than ever. As we’re living in the turning point of the Industrial and Digital Age, we disseminate information on the web but the knowledge still has its origins in literature. Most decision-makers in almost every field have a traditi…

    Mia Sinisalo
    by Mia Sinisalo