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  1. Even if the digitalization of the mass media market has been unexpectedly rapid, it hasn't been the death sentence for the print media as predicted. In Sanoma Media Finland digitalization has allowed them to serve their online customers with high level of detail and technical quality they were aiming at. Read here how measuring the quality has affected the customer experience of Sanoma's digital news service.

  2. Speed has become both an ideal and a necessity. Lifecycles are shortening, whether of individual products, technologies or even entire business concepts. The market can grow rapidly, with successful services able to acquire huge numbers of new users in just a few months. Copying is also happening more quickly, with promising innovations…

    Esko Hannula
    by Esko Hannula
  3. Digitalization is much more than offering services online. It is about customer experience processes, trimming, renewing and measuring – all done from the customer point of view. How to get an understanding of it, the famous and feared customer experience? At LähiTapiola we wanted to renew our online travel insurance service to fit the d…

    Teemu Laukkanen
    by Teemu Laukkanen
  4. Creativity and innovativeness are dying. We are collectively amazed by Uber and its likes but we end up as part of the problem. Do we even notice what is restricting our thoughts? We have rules, laws and corporate policies for everything. And we are getting comfortable with them. Comfortable to the point that we no longer realize the stupi…

    Tapio Järvenpää
    by Tapio Järvenpää
  5. You’ve heard the terms before, as they’re repeated almost endlessly – “digital” and “digitalization”. And hey, why not? The digital revolution is an interesting, important step for mankind. Still, in the invocation of this, we sometimes forget what makes all this important, and how the meaning of these words at least in part emerges out of…

    Alf Rehn
    by Alf Rehn
  6. There is a huge intellectual gap between the daily life of a customer and the daily operations of a bank. According to TIME magazine, over 70 percent of Millennials would rather visit the dentist than listen to bank’s message . So, predicting what future holds for banking is per definition impossible. There are multiple unprecedented te…

    Thomas Brand
    by Thomas Brand
  7. Our environment is in constant change and turmoil because of ongoing digitalization. We live longer and the power of individuals is increasing constantly. The nature of work changes and we value well-being more. Information technology is a big part of this change as an enabler. Technology becomes more complex, dynamic and mobile. Most impo…

    Teemu Laukkanen
    by Teemu Laukkanen
  8. Digital transformation is a great example of a change initiative that is more likely to fail than succeed, The pressure to change is usually created by a digital age competitor who is rewriting the rules of the game. Instead of implementing a transformation, should an established company set up an internal start up company, which isn't constrained by old habits?

    Esko Hannula
    by Esko Hannula
  9. Customers do not pay for your organization, nor are they interested in it. In spite of this a company's offering is driven by its internal dynamics in many cases. One of the major challenges is to recognize the internal dynamics and fight actively against them. This is particularly important in digital service offering as launching a new s…

    Niko Mikkola
    by Niko Mikkola