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  1. Fragile companies can't handle it and robust companies try to hang in, but in the end it is the Antifragile companies that gain from the disorder and adapt into market leaders as digital disruption shakes the scene. The reason why digital disruption hits so bad some companies is their data – the New Oil – that is not lubricating and fueling their business models.

    Janne Vihervuori
    by Janne Vihervuori
  2. Digital transformation is a great example of a change initiative that is more likely to fail than succeed, The pressure to change is usually created by a digital age competitor who is rewriting the rules of the game. Instead of implementing a transformation, should an established company set up an internal start up company, which isn't constrained by old habits?

    Esko Hannula
    by Esko Hannula
  3. Can a business model be too fragile?  The current pace of time in digital world is very fast and new start-ups enter constantly to threaten existing businesses.  It seems that many established companies are struggling, have given up or are choosing to ignore it. They are spending majority of their time and resources on keeping up, supporti…

    Tuomas Bergström
    by Tuomas Bergström