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  1. Fragile companies can't handle it and robust companies try to hang in, but in the end it is the Antifragile companies that gain from the disorder and adapt into market leaders as digital disruption shakes the scene. The reason why digital disruption hits so bad some companies is their data – the New Oil – that is not lubricating and fueling their business models.

    Janne Vihervuori
    by Janne Vihervuori
  2. Creativity and innovativeness are dying. We are collectively amazed by Uber and its likes but we end up as part of the problem. Do we even notice what is restricting our thoughts? We have rules, laws and corporate policies for everything. And we are getting comfortable with them. Comfortable to the point that we no longer realize the stupi…

    Tapio Järvenpää
    by Tapio Järvenpää
  3. An ideal organisation should divide its research and development (R&D) resources into three different horizons with different proportions. The three different future horizons all have their own focus, which need to be approached with different methods. All horizons also have different types of problems and solutions, but what is key…

    Taneli Tikka
    by Taneli Tikka
  4. ”Agile thinking” has taken over big time. Majority of us think that it is good, or even necessary, to be agile and a few of us even have a clue about what it means in practice. Agility comes in two breeds (or three, if dogs are included): agile development and strategic agility. The origins of agile development are in a set of developmen…

    Esko Hannula
    by Esko Hannula
  5. We are making the history of tomorrow today. We can either create a boring history book or a bestseller, which is going to be a classic. There are some key factors we need to add to our current recipe of success, and some we need to get rid of to make this come true. Good is not the final target. First of all we need to get rid o…

    Timo Nisula
    by Timo Nisula
  6. You are probably familiar with the feeling of having a compelling idea burning inside. You are in flames. Strong urge or flow is moving you towards enthusiastic actions with the feel of joy and high hopes for the future. Do you recognize this moment? If you do, you also might have noticed that many times it is difficult to jump over the…

    Jari Varjo
    by Jari Varjo