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  1. You’ve heard the terms before, as they’re repeated almost endlessly – “digital” and “digitalization”. And hey, why not? The digital revolution is an interesting, important step for mankind. Still, in the invocation of this, we sometimes forget what makes all this important, and how the meaning of these words at least in part emerges out of…

    Alf Rehn
    by Alf Rehn
  2. With digitalisation affecting all walks of life from work, to banking, to healthcare, to travel, to media and so on, is it that the ‘Homo Sapiens’ has found its master and our thinking will be substituted by even smarter digital systems and networks? Or is it rather that the ‘Homo Faber’ , as portrayed my Max Frisch, is developing even mor…

    Miika Kuoppamäki
    by Miika Kuoppamäki