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  1. Even if the digitalization of the mass media market has been unexpectedly rapid, it hasn't been the death sentence for the print media as predicted. In Sanoma Media Finland digitalization has allowed them to serve their online customers with high level of detail and technical quality they were aiming at. Read here how measuring the quality has affected the customer experience of Sanoma's digital news service.

  2. Fortum Markets operates in the energy service business and customer experience is in the core of everything. So, how to quantify, measure and manage abstract business drivers such as the quality of services and customer experience? With smart data! But first the customers’ different paths and touch points within the organisation need to be identified.

    Timo Liiri
    by Timo Liiri
  3. Long customer relationships produce a huge amount of data. By utilising that data and combining it with a human touch, empathy, you can help your customers to solve their problems even better. To do this you should produce and refine the specific data together with your customers. The quality of data matters more than the amount of it.

    Laura Rinta-Jouppi
    by Laura Rinta-Jouppi
  4. I did some programming when I started my career. It was the start of the 90s and I used Perl and Visual Basic to create some automated HTML tools for Nokia. If you think about what the year was, in a way it was pretty advanced. Internet was not yet the thing and my programming skills were not advanced but I liked the potential of the World…

    Peter Lindberg
    by Peter Lindberg
  5. As we all know, great customer experience occurs when the customer expectations are not only met, but exceeded. However, customer expectations are subjective from one individual to another, just as the exceeding factors are. This is what often makes offering great customer experience difficult. As a Finnish person, feelings are a difficu…

    Risto Kivisilta
    by Risto Kivisilta
  6. Any company can achieve good customer experience randomly but successful companies have well defined processes with identified touch points that create value for customers. Orchestration of customer experience also requires understanding the big picture – where process actually starts and where it ends. Online sales process, for instance…

    Miika Soininen
    by Miika Soininen
  7. Digitalization is much more than offering services online. It is about customer experience processes, trimming, renewing and measuring – all done from the customer point of view. How to get an understanding of it, the famous and feared customer experience? At LähiTapiola we wanted to renew our online travel insurance service to fit the d…

    Teemu Laukkanen
    by Teemu Laukkanen
  8. It doesn’t matter if you’re a systems architect or a janitor in a company, you serve a purpose and that purpose is to enable the company’s business. I recently gave a speech where I asked the members of the audience to raise their hands if they represent their company’s business. Two-thirds raised their hands. I followed up with another…

    Tommi Ferm
    by Tommi Ferm
  9. I was a Microsoft-man for two decades. Unlike most other people, I thought Microsoft did well with quality. I acknowledge that they shipped too many bugs. Every now and then they failed miserably with the user interface. Sometimes there were compatibility problems too. However, the products were designed for purpose and they were easy to l…

    Esko Hannula
    by Esko Hannula