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  1. Let’s think about speed. What does it mean for us? What is the opposite of speed? Is it slowness, indecisiveness, procrastination, or maybe something else? The problem is that in pursuit of speed we set it as a single metric. It becomes the solution to any one problem. “We got to speed up the clock speed” sounds good in the boardroom but d…

    Jari Varjo
    by Jari Varjo
  2. We are living in the economy of speed. Our rapidly changing technology, demographics and business life are merely one aspect of this. Network communications are increasingly important. There is more chaos, things are getting complicated, they take us by surprise, and there is no single correct answer. The supply of time cannot be regulat…

    Leo Stranius
    by Leo Stranius
  3. “Organization silos are bad! Break the silos!”  I was probably 22 when I first heard about the existence of organization silos, isolated functional units that operate their own empire without knowing and without caring about the surrounding silos. I was told that silos are bad and should be broken. At that time, the magic that was meant…

    Esko Hannula
    by Esko Hannula