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  1. Even if the digitalization of the mass media market has been unexpectedly rapid, it hasn't been the death sentence for the print media as predicted. In Sanoma Media Finland digitalization has allowed them to serve their online customers with high level of detail and technical quality they were aiming at. Read here how measuring the quality has affected the customer experience of Sanoma's digital news service.

  2. I did some programming when I started my career. It was the start of the 90s and I used Perl and Visual Basic to create some automated HTML tools for Nokia. If you think about what the year was, in a way it was pretty advanced. Internet was not yet the thing and my programming skills were not advanced but I liked the potential of the World…

    Peter Lindberg
    by Peter Lindberg
  3. I was a Microsoft-man for two decades. Unlike most other people, I thought Microsoft did well with quality. I acknowledge that they shipped too many bugs. Every now and then they failed miserably with the user interface. Sometimes there were compatibility problems too. However, the products were designed for purpose and they were easy to l…

    Esko Hannula
    by Esko Hannula