1. Fragile companies can't handle it and robust companies try to hang in, but in the end it is the Antifragile companies that gain from the disorder and adapt into market leaders as digital disruption shakes the scene. The reason why digital disruption hits so bad some companies is their data – the New Oil – that is not lubricating and fueling their business models.

    Janne Vihervuori
    by Janne Vihervuori
  2. You’ve heard the terms before, as they’re repeated almost endlessly – “digital” and “digitalization”. And hey, why not? The digital revolution is an interesting, important step for mankind. Still, in the invocation of this, we sometimes forget what makes all this important, and how the meaning of these words at least in part emerges out of…

    Alf Rehn
    by Alf Rehn
  3. Our environment is in constant change and turmoil because of ongoing digitalization. We live longer and the power of individuals is increasing constantly. The nature of work changes and we value well-being more. Information technology is a big part of this change as an enabler. Technology becomes more complex, dynamic and mobile. Most impo…

    Teemu Laukkanen
    by Teemu Laukkanen
  4. Digital transformation is a great example of a change initiative that is more likely to fail than succeed, The pressure to change is usually created by a digital age competitor who is rewriting the rules of the game. Instead of implementing a transformation, should an established company set up an internal start up company, which isn't constrained by old habits?

    Esko Hannula
    by Esko Hannula
  5. Customers do not pay for your organization, nor are they interested in it. In spite of this a company's offering is driven by its internal dynamics in many cases. One of the major challenges is to recognize the internal dynamics and fight actively against them. This is particularly important in digital service offering as launching a new s…

    Niko Mikkola
    by Niko Mikkola
  6. Work and leisure are going through digitalization at an accelerating rate, with services drifting inevitably into the virtual clouds. The latest thing grows old at an unprecedented pace nowadays, and we may have to refocus our vision and even our overall strategy to ensure success and prosperity! Creative practices can keep us involved in…

    Pirkko Tavaila
    by Pirkko Tavaila
  7. Digitalization offers remarkable opportunities both in increasing productivity, improving wellbeing and reducing environmental impact. Everyone knows this. Everyone agrees on this. Yet progress is painfully slow. Finland still ranks fourth among EU countries in the DESI index of digital economy . However, in the Tufts University digita…

    Oras Tynkkynen
    by Oras Tynkkynen
  8. With digitalisation affecting all walks of life from work, to banking, to healthcare, to travel, to media and so on, is it that the ‘Homo Sapiens’ has found its master and our thinking will be substituted by even smarter digital systems and networks? Or is it rather that the ‘Homo Faber’ , as portrayed my Max Frisch, is developing even mor…

    Miika Kuoppamäki
    by Miika Kuoppamäki
  9. Financial industry has been under constant digitalization for decades. For example, our money has been stored in digital format since who knows when. In whatever way the race goes in the financial industry, we will see solutions that will change the current paradigms more or less in the way how customers use financial services. We will a…

    Niko Mikkola
    by Niko Mikkola
  10. When data volumes are huge like with machine data, there is no other way than to automate data collection, to digitalize it. Sensors can collect almost unlimited amount of data without overload or time limits. When question is about traditional process digitalization with humans involved, human resistance aspect appears: Why should I comp…

    Maija Nikula
    by Maija Nikula