1. I was a Microsoft-man for two decades. Unlike most other people, I thought Microsoft did well with quality. I acknowledge that they shipped too many bugs. Every now and then they failed miserably with the user interface. Sometimes there were compatibility problems too. However, the products were designed for purpose and they were easy to l…

    Esko Hannula
    by Esko Hannula
  2. Who is the user we so desperately want to learn about every time we talk about user experience (UX)? Is she or he our customer, our client, competitor’s customer, or the consumer? And what points should we consider when managing the customer experience in our organization? These are the questions the Quality Intelligence Hub Lunch partic…

  3. Value comes from implementing a strategy with people who enjoy their work. Our company operations were fundamentally restructured after our traditional business format outgrew its usefulness and the need to choose a new direction became clear. In any case we have now already made some progress in our strategic evolution and I am really proud of our team. That is a remarkably good feeling.

  4. I hate clichés. As a 7 year old I already remember hating the saying “Be everyone’s friend”. Not because the dilemma behind the phrase wouldn’t have a point, but just because the clicheness of the expression so evidently stank even to my tiny nose. I guess I had an intuition that the cliché-repeating was a hoax. It offered the teachers means to avoid the unhygienic task of actually meddling in the kids’ ecosystem.

    Aini Mylläri
    by Aini Mylläri