Marjo Sjöberg is a founding member of the Qentinel Group and has worked with all aspects of quality on hundreds of customer projects. She has seen again and again, when someone was faced with a decision: Is it worth investing in new information system? Which system should we choose? How best to measure the benefits? Can we improve productivity?

She is always inspired by opportunities that life throws. Marjo is the one, who came out with a thought of a meeting place, where you could pop in when it was time to make a decision and, possibly, make a much wiser decision with the help of the experience of others.

She wanted to create a forum that could facilitate the open sharing of experiences: how to increase the benefit and value brought by data systems. She believes in having discussions and sharing ideas can produce insights through which organisations can save a significant amount of time or money. 

Marjo Sjöberg wants to bring people and organizations together to learn from others' experiences, or even mistakes. In her dream, productivity improves by breaking down silos, finding a common language for business and IT - and getting the maximum benefit from experiences and mistakes.

"Success isn't a question of luck. The development of success has to be monitored constantly and steered by making good decisions. Good decisions are based on good information."


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